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Pre Built Sheds - Finding The Right Type

Pre built sheds have quickly become a popular choice for those that need a little extra storage room in their yards. The beauty of them is the fact that they are designed ahead of time so you don’t have to spend a lot time putting them together. There are quite a few different styles available with them too, so you can almost pick a custom look if you want to. No matter what design you go with, you will really appreciate the freedom that pre built sheds bring.

Pre Built Sheds Uses

What do people typically use pre built sheds for? Most of the time, you will find that they are excellent for store things like tools, lawn mowers, old furniture, and other things like that. You might want to get those things out of the way because of harsh weather or because you no longer want to look at them in your back yard. Whatever your reasons are, you will really be able to fit quite a bit into the storage units. Depending on the pre built sheds design, you can also put them in a place that will make them seem like they are part of the setup.

Pre Built Sheds
There are many brands offering pre built sheds for very reasonable prices. Some are very cheap and others are very expensive. How much you pay will depend on things like the material of the unit, how large it is, and how many components it has. For example, if you check out the Star Lumber LLC 8 x 12 cedar bevel siding type, you will pay upwards of $2,700. They are very high quality storage and organization pre built sheds and they have a nice wooden look and feel to them.

Other pre built sheds that you can select from include the CedarShed Haida wood gardening type. These look fantastic because of the large door and windows on the front. The wood that they are made of is extremely high quality too, so you should pay attention to that. These units cost more than $4,000, so you should expect to pay that much. Best Barns Sierra has a nice large 12 X 24 unit with a built in garage door. This type of unit is really desirable if you need room for another car. All these pre built sheds are wooden.

There are pre built sheds made of materials like vinyl and metal, but the wooden ones are generally the way to go. The reason that this is the case is because they look better in the yard and they will keep your tools and things protected from harsh weather. Bachmann Industries has nice railroad type work sheds. These large units are actually very affordable. EZup also has a nice affordable Stow-A-Way option that you can get for just over $1000. You can never go wrong with Arrow Estator type pre built sheds either, especially like their 10 x 14 foot option.

Are pre built sheds right for you or should you try to build one yourself with plans? You can use plans if you like, but you have to keep in mind that they are a lot more challenging to follow then most other types. You need to have quite a bit of experience to really make them work, and you also have to own the right tools for the job. If you don’t have the tools and the experience necessary, then you will be much better off going with the pre built sheds, which will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Pre Built Sheds Styles

Some people think that pre built sheds don’t look that great. One thing that is really interesting about them is the variety of designs that are available. You can get an Amish build or you can check out what Keter has to offer with their boxes styles. There are even some that are designed with wheels so you can easily roll them around if you ever need to move them. In other words, there are really hundreds of different configurations and styles for pre built sheds and you can get a custom one that will look very different from other types.

Keep in mind that pre built sheds won’t organize your yard for you. Also, you need to make it a point to keep the inside of your unit as clean as possible. Because they are so spacious and roomy on the inside, you can easily cram a lot of stuff in them. This is fine if you know where everything is and don’t have all that much, but eventually they can get way to crowded to manage. Try to leave yourself a work area and put all your tools in one place. That is the best way to use pre built sheds.

Pre built sheds can be an excellent investment if you really need the extra storage room and don’t want the look of your backyard to be ruined by an ugly unit. Make sure that you find a nice style that you really appreciate because you will likely own it for a very long time. When you are done, you can always sell it too. Pre built sheds sell for a very good amount of money if they are in good condition.

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